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You can buy a cheaper oven but our's will save you money as energy costs increase
If you want to powder coat, you found the right place - We make powder coating practical for small shops.
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What Makes Our Powder Coating Ovens Different (and better)?
High air flow for superior finish, variable speed fans for energy efficiency,
Exclusive Touch Screen Control with "fuzzy logic" for easy operation and excellent temperature control.
Our Powder Coating Ovens are Optimized for Energy Efficiency, Finish Quality, and Short Cycle Times
  Powder Coating Oven

Oven Touch Screen

Easy to learn
Real time temp charting
Real time oven profiling
Stores 15 cure cycles
"Fuzzy Logic" temp control

Touch "SETUP"
Enter time & temperature
Push "START"

8'W x 8'H x 20' Deep Powder Coating Oven
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Touch Screen Oven Controller
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Why our ovens are different (and better)

(1) Air slots in the top and back of doors* produce a laminar air flow for even heat.
(2) Variable speed recirculating fan* increases air circulation after powder is gelled to prevent powder "blow off" and shorten the cycle time required & saves energy.
(3) Minimum True 10 air changes per minute* for total oven volume.
(4) Variable speed exhaust fan* shortens oven purge time and saves energy.
(5) No dead or wasted space inside the oven. Side discharge ovens waste space.
(6) More features & performance for the price.
  * Not all ovens incorporate all these features
Prices - Powder Ovens, Guns, & Booths
We believe air changes per minute should be calculated on the total volume of the oven interior. Our minimum True 10 air changes per minute typically equates to 12 to 13 air changes per minute when the volume is calculated on the workspace only. A variable speed recirculating fan is required to move this much air without blowing powder off the parts. Does this matter? YES. The finish quality is directly affected by the volume of air being re-circulated. The variable speed fan also allow us to size the fan motor for the best efficiency because we avoid the high loads when starting the fan from a dead stop.
Powder Coated Hot Rod
Powder Coating a part
Powder Coating Booth
Let us help you get the right equipment to get started!
Filter Type Powder Booth
(cartridge type also available)
Powder Coated Hot Rod Frame
Powder Guns
Powder Coating Gun

Authorized Distributor
 Free Freight on powder units (USA)
Multi-Hopper Units Available
3 lb.
quick color
We also have Conveyors, Washers, Blast Equipment, Racks, Powder Vacs, etc.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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Typical Booth Types
Basic equipment needed  
Typical Shop Layout
Powder Coating Basics
Powder Suppliers List
If you want to achieve the absolutely best powder finish, you have to have high air volume.
If you don't want to blow powder off before it melts, you have to have a variable speed blower.

Our ovens will produce the very best powder finish possible.
We provide everything you  need to start a powder coating business or bring your powder coating in-house.
Educational resources On-site training available Equipment & supplies Lease-purchase available
We provide installation or do it yourself and save $$ with our support
We specialize in complete packages for powder coating  (Prices subject to change without notice)
Package Specials - Oven, Gun, & Booth Package Prices  (other sizes and configurations available)
Packages include powder oven, gun, and booth. Contact us for specific suggestions and prices
To save even more, we can include other components. Lease purchase plans available on all packages.
10' wide x 8' high x 20' long powder oven (enlarge)
8' wide x 8' high x 8' long powder oven (enlarge)
Ovens without variable speed fans are obsolete when you buy them!!

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