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Powder Oven Control Screen
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The "Cure Temp" can be changed while the oven is running. A numeric touchpad will pop up when the "375" cure temperature is touched on the main screen (left).
Here the "cure time" is set for 10 minutes & the "cure temp" is set for 375 degrees. The oven is ready to start the cure cycle.
Main Screen
Pop Up Numeric Touchpad

Here the cure cycle has 3 minutes left and the burner is burning at 15% capacity.
The oven temperature is holding very close to the set temperature.
T1 = control thermocouple
T2 = clip or magnetic thermocouple

T3 = clip or magnetic thermocouple
T4 = (Now shows High Limit Temp)
The temperature chart shows the oven was started, stopped, then restarted.

2 speed ovens will ramp to the "Gel Time" then switch to high speed
Cure Cycle Setup Screen

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