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Powder Coating - Components
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 Powder Coating - Basic Components
Pressure Island wash station
Grounded conveyor or racks
For prep, powder application, and baking.
Custom racks and hooks available.
Powder application equipment
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NEW! PRIMA Powder Units
Part cleaning/pretreatment station
Parts must be clean, really clean!
Parts can be sand blasted, pressure washed, and phosphatized.
Pressure Island wash/pretreatment station pictured.
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Powder Cure Oven   Powder Booth
gas convection batch oven Our ovens feature our exclusive touch screen digital control with part temperature probes.
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What makes our ovens better?
  Typical Powder Booth Configurations Use a "recovery booth" to capture and
reuse excess powder or a "non-recovery booth"
if you use small amounts of many colors.
  How much floor space do you need?
Spray Tech Systems can supply all the components needed for powder coating.

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Pressure Island pressure washing and pretreatment systems are friendly to the environment.
Visit the Pressure Island web site

JEM STRIP 427 is a powerful, biodegradable formulation that safely strips all painted and powdercoated metals without corrosion. It can be filtered, recharged with JEM ADDITIVE 425, and used for years!  NO Methelyne Chloride!  NO Phenyl!  NO Chromates!  It is used heated in an insulated tank.  Contact us for prices and details.
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Typical Powder Booth Configurations
Click here to view typical powder booth drawings.

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