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Xtreme™ Mix
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Graco Extreme™ Mix Plural Componant Airless Spray package
An easy to use, mobile & dependable proportioner the toughest plural componant protective coatings!
6 Simple Steps To
Set Up And Spray
1. Turn on air supply
2. Fill tanks with material
3. Turn selector to prime & prime pumps
4. Turn selector to spray
5. Set desired ratio
6. Press green start button & spray
Approved for hazardous locations
Sprays tough, 100% solids coatings.
Key Applications
* Ship Building
* Marine Corrosion Protection
* Container Manufacturing
* Structural Steel Coating
* Tank, Pipe Coatings & Linings
* Floor Coatings
* Processing Plants

Brochure (300612)
1. Ratio assurance prevents spraying off-ratio     material
2. Rated for 7250 psi to handle tough materials &     long hose lengths
3. Standard cart is designed for easy handling by     one person
4. Uses the field-proven, easy-to-maintain Xtreme     lower
5. Metering valves get is right every time
6. Reporting capabilities

Xtreme Mix…it pays to mix it right
With Graco's Xtreme Mix proportioner, you'll never mix more paint than you need.
Xtreme Mix is easy-to-use, portable, and mixes on demand so you save on both wasted materials and labor.
Xtreme Mix handles hard-to-spray, 100% solids coatings even in the harshest environments.
Key Materials
* Plural-component coatings
* High to ultra-high viscosity   coatings
* High-solids epoxy primers   and coatings
* High-solids polyurethane top   coatings
* Fire-retardant coatings
Features and Benefits      Call 800-777-7729 for help selecting the right unit.
* Reduces waste by up to 25%
* Approved for hazardous locations
* Designed for short pot-life materials
* Easy-to-use controls
* Portable design - go where the job is
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PrecisionMix II
Xtreme Mix
(Single color)
(Auto color change)
PrecisionMix II 3K
(Heavy Duty)
(Batch Dispense)

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