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Graco WB100
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WB100™ Electrostatic Waterborne Paint Application

The waterborne isolation unit completes GRACO's new electrostatic PRO Xp gun family with a "ready to use" solution to spray waterborne materials with a PRO Xp waterborne airspray gun. Solvent borne air spray users looking to reduce VOC emissions can take advantage of the WB 100™ to easily upgrade to a waterborne electrostatic application.

The sturdy cabinet with durable hose, pump and gun is designed to withstand constant voltage with conductive fluids. If the door knob is actuated, the voltage in the system is released, which makes it easy to handle the isolation system safely.

The dimensions of the cabinet make a large variety of standard pail sizes fit. The simplicity to change colours because of the good flushability and the standard voltage display supports operator friendly manipulation.

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The PRO Xs gun ergonomics and durability are well known in the market place, as well as the material savings due to the 60 kV high performance gun design. With the WB 100™ waterborne isolation system it is easy to handle today's electrostatic waterborne paint applications.

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