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Graco ProMix™ II
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Graco ProMix™ II Electronic Proportioner
Easy-to-use and affordable automatic color change proportioning system
EasyKey™ Display
* Easy to read
* Easy to operate
Intrinsically-safe controller allows for
easy integration into hazardous environments
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System Set-Up (image)
Operator Station (image)  
Run Screen Display (image)  

Key Applications
* General metal
* Wood and furniture
* Farm and construction
* Truck and bus
* Aerospace
* Electronics
* General plastic

Save money and reduce waste!

Flush and color change your system without ever leaving the booth! ProMix II now offers precise and reliable electronic proportioning for multi-color applications.

With a new intrinsically-safe fluid panel and operator station, this upgrade guarantees on-ratio reliability and accuracy for the highest quality finish!

Key Materials
* Epoxies including:   solventbornes, waterbornes   & high solids
* Urethanes including:   solvenbornes, waterbornes,   plural component materials,   isocyanates and high solids
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* Easy-to-use operator station allows operators to configure and operate with a single button
* Single- or multi-colored options for a variety of applications
* Smart technology monitors flow rate and ratio performance
* Intrinsically-safe controller allows for easy integration into hazardous environments
* Programmable flushing and filling sequence for exceptional cost and material savings

* Acid-catalyzed varnishes
The ProMix II allows the operator to flush & color change without leaving the booth!
ProMix II
PrecisionMix II
Xtreme Mix
(Auto color change)
PrecisionMix II 3K
(Heavy Duty)
(Batch Dispense)

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