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Graco ProBatch
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Graco ProBatch™ Electronic Batch Dispense System

GRACO now provides the customer with a solution for electronic batch dispense excellence!

The ProBatch™ is designed to eliminate today's problems associated with hand mixing of plural component. Finally an inexpensive electronic dispense unit as alternative to the expensive kitting of small batches. ProBatch offers an easy, accurate scale based batch dispense system that will reduce waste and save money.

ProBatch™ is specifically designed for applications, which uses many colours in low volume, in total less than 100-litre paint per day. ProBatch can proportion most waterborne or solvent based paints, two, three or more component epoxy or polyurethane paints, solvents, inks and a variety of other materials. Up to 6 different fluids (components) can be dispensed automatically. But 93 additional fluids/materials can be added manually. The ProBatch™ can be set up to handle up to 250 recipes.

The system can be set up to dispense components supplied from pressure tanks or feed pumps. The materials can be transferred from their original containers or from central paint recirculating lines. Each component material is supplied separately to the unit. The ProBatch™ is designed for batches as low as 120ml up to 19 litres. The cascading pressure system for fast and accurate dispenses is revolutionary.

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