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Graco Reactor™ The First Polyurea-Dedicated Proportioner
Since polyurea's inception, contractors and material suppliers have been limited to applying it with modified foam-spraying equipment, which is not optimized for polyurea applications. To meet the high-temperature, high-pressure demands of polyurea applications, Graco (NYSE: GGG) has announced the Reactor™ E-XP, the first polyurea-dedicated proportioner. Built-in diagnostics provide ratio assurance, easing operator use, and its lightweight design gives users unprecedented job-site mobility. Improved performance.  
The Reactor's easy-to-use controls and integrated monitoring capabilities take the guesswork out of polyurea applications. Featuring Graco Smart Mix™ controls, the Reactor provides operators system diagnostics, auto shutdown and data reporting. Its digital controls and improved temperature-sensing capabilities provide accurate heating. Digital pressure control, reduced pulsation, improved pump loading and balanced feed pressures make the Reactor™ the ultimate polyurea metering system. The improved application controls result in ratio assurance, superior mix accuracy and, ultimately, better quality.  

The Reactor™ is part of Graco's complete polyurea proportioning system


Use Fusion for:

  • Polyurea Coatings
  • Foam
  • Polyurethane Coatings
  • Adhesives & Caulks
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Fusion Gun

Use Reactor E-XP for:
Concrete, Tank/pipe coating, Waterproofing, Wastewater treatment, Manhole/sewer reconditioning, Bedliners , Rail mfg & repair, Secondary containment, Roof Coating, Inplanr OEM, Adhesives & caulks, Industrial maintenance

Reactor E-XP for polyurea & fast set coatings  
Reactor E-Series for Foam  
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  Use Reactor E-Series for:
Roofing Foam, Foam Insulation, Tank & Pipe Insulation, Waterproofing, Small Boats, Flotation, Adhesives & Caulks
The Fusion air-purge spray gun is an all new way to spray polyurea and other fast-set materials. Reduced maintenance and downtime, improved productivity and a better mix make Fusion the only gun you'll ever need.  
The Fusion™ Mechanical Purge Spray gun offers those who prefer mechanical purge over air-purge, a new standard in mixing, finish quality and ease of service. With an extensive range of mix modules and tip sizes, the Fusion™ Mechanical Purge offers a very wide range of flow rates to be sprayed.

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