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Therm-O-Flow Hot Melt Tanks
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Therm-O-Flow Hot Melt Tanks
Compact, rugged and reliable dispensing of hot melt adhesives
Brochure Therm-O-Flow hot melt tanks provide years of reliable service.
Tech Specs
Designed to handle waxes, adhesives and sealants over a wide range of application temperatures with a high level of consistency
Three high performance models (5, 7 and 18 liters) and a variety of heavy duty applicators and accessories to choose from.
Features and Benefits
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*Tanks are PTFE coated and accept all forms of hot melt materials including bricks and blocks
* Heating system is staged, with low temperature pump motor lockout
* Automatic system diagnostics with built-in safety features, sensors and circuit breakers
* Choice of several manual or automatic applicators
* Complete system control with pattern controllers and air control kits
Key Applications
* Product assembly
* Bonding
* Case and carton sealing
* Pallet stabilization systems
* Spot gluing
A complete hot melt system
  1. Tanks: Available in three high performance models
  2. Applicators: Trigger-pull or vertical manual applicators. Electric or pneumatic automatic applicators.
  3. Hoses: Therm-O-Flow Tanks support 1, 2 or 4 hoses and applicators
  4. Accessories: A full line of accessories including floor stands
Key Materials
* Butyl rubber
* Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
* Polyamide
* Pressure sensitive adhesives   (PSA)
* Polyethylene (PE)

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