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Electrostatic Guns       
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Our exclusive lineup of portable electrostaic sprayers;
Electric Airless/AirCoat, Air powered AirCoat (air assisted airless), and and Air Spray.
NOTE: The pictures of the units below show the older Gun and Controller.
All Units Now Ship with the NEW GM 5000 Guns and VM 5000 Controllers.
& ElectroAirless
Portable Airless & AirCoat
or Airless Only
Electrostatic Sprayers
ElectroAirCoat (air powered)
Portable Air Assisted Airless
Electrostatic Sprayer
Portable Air Spray
portable electrostatic sprayer
portable electrostatic sprayer
portable electrostatic sprayer
The ElectroAirless/AirCoat (above) has been upgraded for 2012
Wagner GM 5000 Electrostatic Guns
Adapts to most electric airless units
Round or fan pattern available
Airless - Can be used without an air compressor 
Aircoat - for a finer finish (requires compressor)
Good choice for painting contractor
Wagner Electrostatic Guns
Wagner GM 5000 Guns
VM 5000 80 kV Controller


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Wagner GM 5000 Electrostatic Guns
VM 500 Controller details

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