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FAQ - Electrostatic Guns   
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Electrostatic Guns Page 
How does electrostatic spray work?
The coating is electrostatically charged as it passes through an electrostatic field produced between the electrode on the front of the gun and a grounded object. The charged particles of coating are attracted to the grounded (neutral) object and form an even coating.
Does electrostatic make the paint stick better?
No, no, no. Electrostatics only help transfer more of the coating to the part.
Is electrostatic spraying safe?
Yes, the guns incorporate a built in current limiter which automatically reduce the guns output voltage to safe levels when the gun's tip approaches a grounded object.
Do I need special paint for electrostatic spraying?
Most standard solvent based coatings can be sprayed electrostatically. The materials, solvents, and reducers used in the manufacture of the coatings determine the "resistivity" of the coating. This can be measured with a paint probe meter which measures megohms per centimeter of resistance. 
The best electrostatic results are achieved when the resistivity of the coating is between 25 and 50 megohms per centimeter. Some adjustment to paints can be made in the field using "polar" or "non polar" solvents to adjust the resistivity of the paint. This is voodoo science at best and can seriously affect the quality of the coating.

We recommend getting paint formulated from the manufacturer for electrostatic use. If they start dumping a bunch of solvents in or don't know what a paint probe meter is, find another supplier.
 Can I spray waterborne products electrostatically?
 Yes but it gets more complicated (expensive). Graco and Wagner both make guns for spraying waterbornes.  Contact us for more info.
 Can I spray metallic and other highly conductive coatings with electrostatic guns?
Yes, the Graco PRO 3500hc is made for this purpose.  A PRO 3500sc gun can be converted.
Can I use an electrostatic gun on wood or other non-conductive parts?
Yes, various methods are used to achieve a ground.
What is "wrap"?
"Wrap" is the common term used for the electrostatic effect. When a fence is sprayed from one side and both sides are coated, you have achieved good "wrap".
What about durability of the guns?
These guns require more care than standard guns but with a little common sense applied, they hold up fine.  You might want to consider who you hand a $4000.00 gun.  I like to hold an electrostatic gun in one hand and a hammer in the other and point out the differences to the guys who will be using the gun.
Who should use electrostatic guns?
Electrostatic guns are usually used it situations where the savings in coating usage pays for the gun in a short period of time or in situations where over-spray must be kept to an absolute minimum. The measure of electrostatic efficiency and pay back include reduced booth clean-up, decreased labor required to paint a part, and reduced paint usage.
Where does electrostatic not work so well?
Spraying outside is tough unless you can shield the area from any wind. Wind can carry the paint away from the part before the coating can be attracted to the grounded object.

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